icacgm18th International Colloquim of Animal Cytogenetics and Gene Mapping 2008

Final program

18th International Colloquium on Animal Cytogenetics and Gene Mapping (ICACGM)

(endorsed by the International Chromosome and Genome Society)

Bucharest, June 8-10, 2008
University of Agricultural Sciences
Hall Room
Bdul Marasti 59, sector 1, Bucharest

Saturday, June 7, 2008

15.00-20.00 Arrival at the meeting venue, registration and poster set-up
20.00 Welcome reception (Campus Restaurant)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

9.00-9.30 Opening meeting (I. Nicolae, L. Iannuzzi)
Greetings from Acad. Cristian Hera (President of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences Academy), Dr. Dacian Ciolos (Minister of Agriculture), Prof. Stefan Diaconescu (Rector of the Agricultural Science University) and Prof.Anton Anton (President of National Authority for Scientific Research).
9.30-11.00 Session I - Chromosome Architecture
H. Hayes, D. Griffin, chairpersons
9.30-10.05 Lecture - S. Muller - Chromosomal and nuclear genome architecture - an evolutionary perspective
10.05-10.40 Lecture - R. Chaves - Satellite DNA: Hallmarks of Chromosome Evolution and Genome Remodelling
10.40-10.55 I. Szczerbal, H.A. Foster, J.M. Bridger - Changes in gene position in interphase during porcine adipogenesis are correlated with changes in gene expression
10.55-11.05 E. Słota, M. Wnuk, M. Bugno, A. Pieńkowska-Schelling - Application of in situ fluorescent nick-translation to detection DNA methylation in B chromosomes of red fox (Vulpes vulpes) and Chinese raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides procyonoides).
11.05-11.40 Coffee break, poster vision and commercial exhibitions (Group photo)
11.40-12.45 Session II - Clinical Cytogenetics
M. Switonsky, D.A.F. Villagomez, chairpersons
11.40-12.15 Lecture - A. Pinton, K. Massip, N. Bonnet, A. Calgaro, B. Billoux., V. Bacquie, N. Mary, A.M. Dudez, A. Bonnet-Garnier, M. Yerle and A. Ducos - Clinical and molecular cytogenetics in domestic animals
12.15-12.30 C. Schelling, H.W. Steinmetz, R.M. Brunner, T. Goldammer, A. Pieńkowska-Schelling - Identification of a marker chromosome in a female Sumatran orang utan (Pongo pygmaeus abeli)
12.30-12.45 W.A. King, L. Iannuzzi, D.A.F. Villagomez - Presentation of the special issue on
"Veterinary cytogenetics", Cytogenet Genome Res 120 (1-2), 2008.
12.45-13.20 Session III - New Technologies and Microarray
S. Ciccarese, chairperson
12.45-13.20 Lecture - D. Griffin and M. E Völker - Microarray analysis - a new era in cytogenetics?
13.20-15.00 Lunch, poster vision and commercial exhibitions
15.00-19.00 Bucharest City Tour (Bus at the congress venue)

Monday, June 9, 2008

9.00-12.00 Session IV - Karyotype Evolution and Comparative Genomics
J. Rubes, D. Di Berardino, chairpersons
9.00-9.35 Lecture - T.J. Robinson, A. Ruiz-Herrera - Phylogenomics, ancestral karyotypes and the effects of lineage sorting in constructing chromosomal phylogenies: contributions from chromosome painting and genome sequence assemblies.
9.35-10.10 Lecture - L. Iannuzzi - Karyotype evolution in bovids as revealed by comparative banding and FISH-mapping techniques
10.10-10.25 D. Nicodemo, A. Pauciullo, A. Castello, G. Cosenza, V. Peretti, A. Perucatti, G. P. Di Meo, G. Ficco, L. Ramunno, L. Iannuzzi, J. Rubes, D. Di Berardino - A cytogenetic investigation on the yak (Bos grunniens) reared in central Italy
10.25-10.40 K. E. Fowler, B. M. Skinner, L. B. W. Robertson, H. G. Tempest, M. Völker, D. K. Griffin - Molecular cytogenetic maps of turkey, duck and zebra finch and their implications for genome evolution
10.40-10.55 P. Musilova, S. Kubickova, P. Horin, R. Vodicka, J. Rubes - Karyotypic relationships among Asiatic asses (kulan and kiang) and domestic horse defined using horse chromosome arm-specific probes
10.55-11.30 Coffee break, poster vision and commercial exhibitions
11.30-11.45 S Massari , G Vaccarelli, MC Miccoli, MP Lefranc, R Antonacci, S Ciccarese Multispecies comparative immunogenomics: TRG loci as markers in reconstructing the evolutionary pathway from ancestral to modern mammal genomes
11.45-12.00 J. Rubes, E. Pagacova, S. Kubickova, H. Cernohorska, J. Vahala. Centric fusion/fission polymorphisms in non-domestic bovidae
12.00-12.15 F. Adega, S. Louzada, A. Vieira-da-Silva, H. Guedes-Pinto, A. Kofler, J. Wienberg, R.
Chaves - The freewill of evolution in the structuring of Rodentia genomes
12.15-13.35 Session V - Nuclear organization, Gene expression and Gene Mapping
T. Goldammer, G.P. Di Meo, chairpersons
12.15-12.50 Lecture - B. Chowdhary - Animal genome organization
12.50-13.05 A. Krasikova, E. Vasilevskaya, A. Maslova, A. Yurgenis, A. Radaev, E. Gaginskaya Nuclear architecture in growing avian oocytes: three-dimensional genome organization and functional compartmentalization
13.05-13.20 R.Antonacci, M. Mineccia, M.C. Miccoli, B. Piccinni, H. El Ashmaoui, M. S. Hassanane, S. Massari, S. Ciccarese - Genomic organization of Camelus dromedarius TRD locus as drawn from the T-cell receptor delta chain repertoire.
13.20-13.35: G.P. Di Meo, A. Perucatti, S. Floriot, H. Hayes, L. Schibler, D. Incarnato, D. Di Berardino, J. Williams, E. Cribiu, A. Eggen, L. Iannuzzi - An extended river buffalo (Bubalus bubalis, 2n=50) cytogenetic map: assignment of 68 new autosomal loci by FISH-mapping and R-banding, and comparative mapping with human chromosomes
13.35-15.00 Lunch, poster vision and commercial exhibitions
15.00-15.50 Session VI - Avian Cytogenetics
A. Krasikova, chairperson
15.00-15.35 Lecture - M. Völker, B. M. Skinner, H. G. Tempest, D. K. Griffin - Evolution of the avian genome as revealed by molecular cytogenetics
15.35-15.50 B. M. Skinner, M. Völker, G. L. Fonseka, M. Ellis, D. K. Griffin - Nuclear (genome) organisation and comparative genomics in birds
15.50-16.20 Coffee break, poster vision and commercial exhibitions
16.20-18.00 Session VII - Cytogenetics of the Reproduction
A. Pinton, E. Slota, chairpersons
16.20-17.00 Lecture - W.A. King - Sex chromosomes and male and female embryo development.
17.00-17.35 Lecture - D. Di Berardino - Cytogenetics of reproduction
17.35-17.50 A. Pinton, N. Bonnet, A. Calgaro, S. Ferchaud, B. Billoux, V. Bacquie, N. Mary, A. Bonnet-Garnier, M. Yerle and A. Ducos - Familial meiotic segregation analysis of a t(13 ;17) Robertsonian translocation in pigs
17.50-18.05 K. Massip, H. Berland, N. Bonnet, A. Calgaro, S. Billoux, V. Baquie, N. Mary, A. Bonnet-Garnier, A. Ducos, M. Yerle, A. Pinton - Study of inter- and intra-individual variation of meiotic segregation patterns in t(3;15)(q27;q13) boars.
18.05-18.20 J. Sosnowski, L. Migalska, A. Lukaszewicz, M. Wojnowska, A.Pienkowska-Schelling,
Z. Polanski - MLH1 foci as an evidence of recombination events between B
chromosomes in Chinese raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides procyonoides)
and red fox (Vulpes vulpes)*
20.00 Social dinner (Best Western Parc Hotel - Casa Doina)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

9.00-10.35 Session VIII - Fish Cytogenetics
S. Salvadori, E. Olmo, chairpersons
9.00-9.35 Lecture - E. Pisano, C. Ozouf-Costaz, F. Foresti, B.G. Kapoor (eds) - An overview of the ongoing research in fish cytogenetics
9.35-9.50 M. Völker, P. Ráb, H. Kullmann - A comprehensive compendium of chaotic killifish karyotypes
9.50-10.05 C. Ozouf-Costaz, O. Coriton, H. D’Cotta, A. Cnaani, J. P. Coutanceau, C. Bonillo, E. Pepey, T. Kocher, J. F. Baroiller - Chromosomal localisation of sex-specific BACs and of selected cDNAs identified by microdissection in two tilapia species, oreochromis niloticus and oreochromis aureus
10.05-10.20 A. K. Hett, L. Sola, M. Nirchio, A. R. Rossi - Mugilidae: towards a cytogenomic approach
10.20-10.35 E.Coluccia, A.M. Deiana, R. Cannas, G. Pichiri, S. Salvadori - Karyotype characterization and comparison in moray eels (Anguilliformes, Muraenidae)
10.35-11.05 Coffee break, poster vision and commercial exhibitions
11.05-11.40 Session IX - Cytogenetics and Ecotoxicology
L. Iannuzzi, chairperson
11.05-11.40 Lecture - L. Migliore - Cytogenetic endpoints for the detection of genotoxic effects in animal cells
11.40-13.00 Poster session 1 (from P1 to P25)
R. Brunner, C. Ozouf-Costaz, chairpersons
13.00-14.30 Lunch and commercial exhibitions
14.30-16.00 Poster session 2 (from P26 to P55)
M.J. Collares-Pereira, C. Shelling, chairpersons
16.00-16.30 Awards for the best four oral communications and six posters
16.30-16.45 Conclusions and closing remarks
16.45-17.15 Coffee break and "la revedere" to the 19th ICACGM in Krakow, Poland, 2010
(E. Slota, chairman)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

8.00-20.00 Trip to Sinaia and Bran (visit to Peles and Dracula castles with guide and lunch).